Submission Guidelines


Picnara Profile & Submission Guidelines

Picnara guidelines will help you have the best chance of getting your portfolio accepted into the marketplace, and in turn fetch you assignments. Please review our photographer portfolio requirements and restrictions to know more in depth.

1. Profile Approval

Profile Picture
The profile picture should be the best picture that the photographer has ever clicked. It is recommended that the photographer does not put the profile picture as his/her own picture or logo. It is mandatory and should not contain any contact details such as location, contact number, email ID or any other contact information.

New photographers are required to create different albums for each category/genre of photography they have mentioned in the profile. Upload at least 5 images in each album and a minium total of 50 photos for review. The images should be of the same event. Any kind of contact details are not allowed to be mentioned on the images.

Images with or without watermark are accepted. The watermark in each image should be same as the display name of the Profile.

The skills mentioned in the profile should correspond to the albums created in the profile. For example, if you have mentioned wedding, pre-wedding & food photography as skills in your profile, you must have albums supporting wedding, pre-wedding & food photography following the above mentioned images criteria.

The profile overview should be kept brief and to the point. This is a summary of your photography journey that the clients want to hear. The character limit of the overview section is 1000. It should not have any contact details, such as physical address, contact number, email ID or any other contact information of the photographer.

Once your images, skills, overview and other profile information is reviewed and found in order, it will be approved and you become a part of the Picnara's Photographers Community. This allows -

1.The photographer to apply on 15 assignments free of cost
2.The clients to search your profile by name, skills & location
3.The photographer to set assignment preferences, bookmark assignments, view client chat messages, etc.

Every time one of your images is approved or rejected, you may upload another in its place. If you’re primarily photographing people or properties that require model, property releases or other necessary releases and have the appropriate releases to support them, please send the same to [email protected] in case of any dispute. By default, you must have a release for every image you submit which requires it.

2. Requirements

Model and Property Releases
All content submitted to Picnara must have a valid model or property release, where applicable. This includes images showing identifiable people, faces or attributes (i.e. tattoos), as well as identifiable real-estate,proprietary designs, branding, logos and artwork. If the model is under 18 years of age, you must include a parent/guardian signature.

File Size
We request you to submit the highest resolution file you have. We strongly encourage photographers to submit images shot with DSLRs, but may accept images shot with higher-resolution smartphones.

File Type
Submissions must be in JPEG, JPG or PNG.

Every image you submit must be your own. This means that you cannot upload photos taken by your friends, family, or found online. We require that you have full rights to all content you submit.

3. Image Restrictions

Editorial-Only and Public Domain Content
Please do not submit images that are in the public domain or images depicting celebrities, public personalities, or large crowds who were not specifically hired for the photograph.

Nudity and Sexual Content
Images containing pornographic content will not be accepted. However, in some cases, we will accept images that contain nudity if our editors determine they have artistic or medical value. All images of nudes must have a model release that includes the model’s photo ID showing that they are over 21 years of age.

Violent and Offensive Content
We want to keep Picnara in a safe environment, therefore, images that are upsetting or violent should not be submitted. This includes, but is not limited to depictions of gore, cruelty or violence towards humans or animals, consumption of Illegal drugs, hate speech, suicide attempts and any other depiction that violates human rights or depicts oppressive practices.

Visible Logos and Brands
Due to copyright restrictions, we do not accept images that contain visible logos or brands in all forms (illustration, text or as an actual product).

Watermarks, Digital Text and Other Alterations
We accept images with or without watermarks but we do not accept images with added text layers, or other distracting elements.

Retouched Images
We like to keep things real. While we’ll accept minor retouching and color correction, images that have been manipulated (retouched) making unrealistic changes to a model’s body will not be accepted.


June 6, 2019