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Blockchain technology on Picnara allows real time transactions which take place directly between the photographer and the customer - ensuring security, authenticity and transparency.

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You get royalties each time your photo is licensed by a customer on Picnara and are settled in real time.

The Market Problem

Millions of photographers and customers but less than 50 companies controlling the stock image market internationally, which has given rise to high prices for clients & low royalties & no transparency for photographers.


License stock photos on blockchain like never before only on Picnara

Customers license photos directly from the best photographers. We ensure affordable prices for our customers and high royalties for our photographers. Spend Less, earn more and reclaim the what is yours.

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Picnara Is Different. Here's How?

Picnara is changing the usual system of stock photography marketplace to help photographers across the globe.


Picnara is not an Intermediary

Photographers license their photos directly to customers and keep all rights.

Unchangeable Distribution Terms

Terms once registered on the blockchain cannot be changed.

Automated Payment Distribution

The blockchain is the new middleman - automatically managing and distributing payments.

New Level of Transparency

All licenses and payments will be stored on a public and transparent ledger - the blockchain.

High Royalties

Enjoy high royalities unlike with other platforms. Royalty rates are fixed and immutable.

Be Part of the Change!

Contribute your photos to make a better and more sustainable business model for the industry.

The Global Photography Economy

The impact of photography has never been more valuable than it is today. Every day, millions of photos are sent and licensed around the world.

$ 00 billion

Size of the global digital photography market by 2026 (Stratistics MRC)

$ 00 billion

Global stock images market by Stratistics MRC - CAGR of 7.4%

00 trillion

Estimated number of photos taken worldwide last year

00 million

Photographers Worldwide (CIPA)

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