• Q1. How can I post an assignment?

    A. You need to sign up and share the assignment details. Our team will call you back for verification and for remaining assignment details. After confirmation your assignment will be posted. This is done to keep Picnara safe and spam-free.

  • Q2. How Can I Contact the Photographer(s)?

    A. Once the assignment is posted, you will be provided with contact details & portfolios of the photographers who apply on your assignment. You are free to connect with one or more of them. Alternatively, you can directly go to, select the type of photographer, location and browse the photographer profiles. You can connect with them directly over chat to discuss your photography requirements.

  • Q3. Should I Mention a Budget?

    A. Yes. It is smart to provide a budget range. This way photographers who are interested to do the assignment in your budget will get back to you. This will save time for everyone.

  • Q4. Can I Hire a Photographer Instantly?

    A. Yes. You can hire a photographer in less than 10 minutes if you want.

  • Q5. Should I Hire a Photographer in Advance?

    A. It is recommended that you hire a photographer in advance to ensure that you don't pick anyone just because you don't have the time and later regret it.

  • Q6. Do I need to spend money to get my assignment posted on Picnara?

    A. No. You can post assignments without paying any money.

  • Q7. Why my assignment was rejected?

    A. An assignment is rejected if the quality check done on your assignment failed. Make sure you stay available over call for verification if you want to find photographers swiftly.

  • Q8. Do I need to pay a commission to Picnara If an assignment is completed successfully?

    A. No. Picnara charges no money from any client at any stage.

  • Q9. How many assignments can I post?

    A. You can post as many assignments as you want to, given they are legit and don't spam the website.

  • Q10. Should I Compare Different Photographers?

    A. Yes. Comparing photographers is recommended if you want to hire only the best.

Photographer Registration

  • Q1. What is the photographer registration process at

    A. You need to go to, sign up, create your profile and portfolio by uploading pictures. You can create different albums. Each album will be treated as a different category. For example, if you are into wedding and maternity photography, you can create one album for wedding and one for maternity. There is no maximum limit on the number of albums or pictures that can be uploaded but upload a minimum of 50 pictures (All albums combined). Also, put up a profile picture to make your profile look more attractive.

    Once we receive your profile, our verification team will review it on the basis of overall profile completion, profile picture and no. of photos uploaded. If the verification team finds the profile to match the set criteria, the profile will be approved. Only after profile approval you have an option to go for subscription plans and assignment plans.

  • Q2. Do I Need to Pay Anything to Sign Up at

    A. No, as a photographer or as a client, you don't need to pay any money on sign up or during any stage of the registration process.

  • Q3. How much time does it take for the profile to be approved?

    A. It only takes up to 48 hours for the profile to be reviewed and approved if found in line with the set criterias.

  • Q4. How will I know if my profile has any issues and is not approved?

    A. You will get a call from the photographer verification team and you will be guided regarding the completion of the profile

  • Q5. How many albums should I create?

    A. You can create as many albums as you want. There is no limit. For profile approval, at least one album is required.

  • Q6. How many photos should I upload?

    A. You can upload as many photos as you want. There is no limit. For profile approval, at least 50 photos(All albums combined) is required.

  • Q7. How can I upload videos?

    A. For now, you cannot upload the videos on Picnara. This feature will be available soon.

  • Q8. How does Picnara protects my data/pictures?

    A. We follow the standard security procedures and do everything possible to ensure that your data and pictures are not accessed unethically. Still it is recommended that the pictures should always have a watermark.

  • Q9. Is there a limit on the size of picture that can be uploaded?

    A. Yes. The limit on the size of the pictures that can be uploaded are as follows -
    Profile Photo - 0-10MB
    Portfolio Photo - 250 KB - 20 MB

  • Q10. Do I need to verify my identity?

    A. Yes, you will be asked for OTP while signing up. It keeps safe for all users.

  • Q11. What is Picnara's take on an ideal profile?

    A. It has to be kept in mind that approved profiles on are visible to the world. It is a public profile of the photographer. We recommend that you create albums for all the genres/categories of photography you are into. Put as many pictures as possible to showcase your talent in each album. Make sure only edited and best of your pictures are uploaded with a water mark. Do not put photos which are not clicked by you as it will result in copyright infringement and will attract legal actions.

Photographer Assignment

  • Q1. What is an enquiry?

    A. An enquiry is when a user enquires about photography services with Picnara.

  • Q2. What is an assignment?

    A. An assignment is a confirmed enquiry. It is a project or an event for which the client is looking for a photographer or videographer or a team of photographers & videographers.

  • Q3. What is the difference between enquiry and assignment?

    A. A confirmed/quality checked enquiry is called an assignment.

  • Q4. What is an application?

    A. Application is the credit that you buy to apply on an assignment.

  • Q5 .With how many photographers is one assignment shared?

    A. The contact details of one assignment are shared with up to 5 photographers.

  • Q6. How do you quality check the assignments?

    A. Once we receive an enquiry, our quality assurance team calls the enquiry to check if it is genuine or not. We come across people who never pick up the call or who are photographers themselves or who have just enquired but are not looking for any photography services at the moment. We do not forward such enquiries to the photographers. While checking the genuineness we also take each and every detail from the clients like their budget, event date, event location, the specific functions, timings, if they require only photography or both photography and videography. We capture all the details which are required by the photographer and we share the assignment along with all these details.

  • Q7. What happens if the client doesn't pick my call or doesn't respond to my messages? Will this be counted as an application?

    A. It is upto the photographer and the client to connect and Picnara has no role after the contact details of the assignment has been shared. Yes, even if the client doesn't pick the call or respond to your messages, it will be counted as one application.

  • Q8. What steps Picnara takes to increase the response rate of the clients?

    A. Picnara captures the preferred time to be contacted from the client and suggests you to contact the client at his preferred time. Also we suggest you to call at different times within the specified time period to increase the call pickup rate. The profiles of the photographers on picnara and the photographer's contact details are also shared with the client so that the client also has an option to call back the photographers.

  • Q9. What happens if the assignment turns out to be fake?

    A. The quality assurance team calls each and every enquiry to check if it is genuine or not. However, if at least 5 photographers who have applied on the assignment come back to us with the same information, the quality assurance team will call the client again and check. In case it turns out to be fake, necessary provisions will be made to return the enquiry. For the enquiry to be returned, it is necessary that at least 5 photographers must apply and inform about the incident.

  • Q10. How will I get paid for the assignment I do?

    A. You and the client need to discuss and decide that. Picnara doesn't play any role in client payments and also takes no commission from photographers.

  • Q11. How can I be sure that I will be paid for an assignment I take up via Picnara?

    A. If you have trust issues with the client and you would like to be 100% sure about receiving the full payment, you can always ask Picnara to intervene. Picnara provides a payment protection plan thus ensuring that all the payments are done in full to the photographer.

  • Q12. Do I need to pay a commission to Picnara if I complete an assignment?

    A. No. Picnara doesn't charge any commission. We just connect photographers to clients and vice versa.

  • Q13. Can I take up assignments outside my city?

    A. You can take assignments on the basis of your liking. If you want only city-based assignments, you can do that. In contrast, if you want assignments from all over India, you can do that too. You have complete control.

  • Q14. In how many cities Picnara will get assignments for me?

    A. Currently, Picnara will get you assignments from 5 cities namely, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata & Mumbai.

  • Q15. What is the limit on no. of assignments I can apply on in a day?

    A. There is no limit.

  • Q16. For which categories will I be receiving the assignments?

    A.You will receive assignments from the following categories -
    Special Occasions

  • Q17. Can clients directly contact me on Picnara?

    A. Yes, your profile will always be visible to the clients and they can directly connect with you over chat on the platform.

  • Q18. I would not like to pay up front and I will give the company a commission on the assignments done. Will that work?

    A. Sorry, Picnara does not charge any commission and we don't work on such model.

  • Q19. Do you provide any free assignments for first time users?

    A. Yes we provide free assignments from time to time as and when we may think fit.

  • Q20. What if none of the assignments are finalised?

    A. We do not guarantee any conversions on assignments. It is something totally between the photographer and the client.

Photographer Subscription

  • Q1. When will my subscription start?

    A. The subscription will start immediately after we receive the payment.

  • Q2. How many assignments will I receive in premium subscription?

    A. You will reveive all the assignments that we will forward. It is an open platform.

  • Q3. Can I subscribe to assignment plans right away after my plan is over or do I need to wait?

    A. You don’t have to wait and you can buy the subscription plan right away.

  • Q4. What if I need to apply on Paid assignments?

    A. You need to buy an assignment plan to apply on Paid assignments.

  • Q5. What are the charges for premium subscription?

    A.The charges for premium subscription are Rs.999 per month inclusive of GST.

  • Q6. Is the premium subscription billed monthly or annually?

    A. The premium subscription is billed annually. This is to make the process hassle free.

  • Q7. How much do I need to pay for the premium subscription?

    A. You need to pay Rs.11988 inclusive of GST for premium subscription.

  • Q8. What is the validity of premium subscription?

    A. The validity of premium subscription is 1 year.

  • Q9. What is the return policy regarding the assignments?

    A. There is no return policy regarding the assignments on which you have applied. Once you apply, the contact details of the client will be visible.

  • Q10. What is the refund policy in case the quality of assignments is not up to the mark?

    A. There is no refund policy. We quality check all the assignments over a call and hence make sure that there is zero percent error.

  • Q11. What are free assignments?

    A. Assignments to which no photographer applies for 72 hours automatically turn free. Free assignment doesn’t mean that clients will not be paying anything to the photographer. Rather, it means that photographer’s credits/applications will not be reduced when they apply on assignment which is free. It may include other assignments as well that the company may think fit from time to time.

  • Q12. How Picnara decides if an assignment will be free or not.

    A. Assignments to which no photographer applies for 72 hours automatically turn free. This is a standard criteria.

  • Q13. How can I pay for the subscription?

    A. You can make payments through Credit/Debit Cards, Net Banking, Wallets(Freecharge, Ola Money, PayZapp) and UPI.

  • Q14. What happens if my account is deducted and the payment is not done?

    A. In case of a failed payment, the payment gateway company hit the bank servers at regular intervals. If they receive a successful callback, then you will receive a mail from the payment gateway company intimating you with the status.

    If your bank does not authorize the payment within 7 days, the amount will be refunded back to your account by your issuing bank.

    If there is a delay in the auto-refund, you will have to escalate the issue with your issuing bank and your bank should be able to assist you on the retrieval of the funds. You may submit your bank statement as proof for the debit, stating "Money has been debited from my account and I have not received services/product and not got a refund".

    Please note this can be done only by the customer as the bank takes the request only by the account holder.

  • Q15. What is an Assignment Plan?

    A. Assignment plan is a plan for photographers who are looking to apply on paid assignments.

  • Q16. Can I directly go for the assignment plan without taking the premium subscription?

    A. Yes. You can opt either of the two or both at a time. Both plans have their own benefits.

  • Q17. What are the available Assignment Plans?

    A. Currently there are two Assignment Plans available -
    Advanced - 180 Applications, 180 Days - Rs.19,999
    Ultimate - 360 Applications, 360 Days - Rs.24,999

  • Q18. How does the Assignment Plan expires?

    A. Assignment plan will expire either after validity in days is over or when the total no. of applications are exhausted, whichever comes early.

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